KCME Programs

American Landscapes with Michael Campion

Thursday 5pm

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American Landscapes is a weekly potpourri of the best in American music. You’ll be treated to works by composers such as Copland, Samuel Barber, George Gershwin, Leonard Bernstein, Edward MacDowell, George Chadwick and many others.

Bach & Sons with Dylan Tyler

Tuesday 12pm

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Bach & Sons, can be heard Tuesdays at noon. Featuring the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and his talented offspring, like Wilhelm Friedemann, Carl Philipp Emanuel, and Johann Christian.

Back in the Day with Fred Kormos

Tuesday 4pm

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Remember when needles played grooves in vinyl and recordings were done live in a studio? Back in the Day plays music that you used to listen to on your hi-fi stereo system.

Back to Beethoven with Dylan Tyler

Tuesday 7pm

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Join us every Tuesday evening and spend an hour with Beethoven and our very own George Preston.

Classical Guitar Alive

Friday 7pm

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In addition to the radio program, Classical Guitar Alive is a nonprofit organization that hosts an outreach program which presents concerts at no cost to under-served audiences in hospitals, hospices, and community centers, etc.

Classics for Kids

Sunday 6pm

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KCME’s educational outreach program brings on-site classical music education to youth throughout the Pikes Peak Region.

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Collectors’ Corner with Henry Fogel

Saturday 8pm

Collectors’ Corner is about discovering and rediscovering music that rocked the world in days gone by. Host Henry Fogel crafts an historical narrative out of his personal record collection, a treasury amassed from decades of jaunts to record stores and resale shops across the globe.

Concierto with Frank Dominguez

Saturday 6pm

The Culture Zone

Sunday 5PM | Monday 7PM

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The Culture Zone is a weekly potpourri of interviews, music and more, produced by Keith Simon and spotlighting cultural events and personalities in the Pikes Peak region. With regular special segments with Andy Vick, executive Director of the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region and his Cultural Connection.

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Dinner and a Movie

Thursday 6pm

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Join Quinn Riley for a weekly one hour show exploring music for movies, both recent and classic, by well known and not-so-well known composers.
Film music you remember … even if you’ve forgotten the film.

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Friday Double Shot with Mike Pennington

Friday 7am

An extra caffeinated hour of “two-fers” from your favorite composers.

Friday Getaway with Mike Pennington

Friday 5pm

An hour of up beat classical music to help you hit the road to your weekend adventure.

Grand Tour with Fred Kormos

Thursday 12pm

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Join host Fred Kormos Thursdays at noon, as he takes us on this weekly musical journey…Grand Tour with Fred Kormos features classical music inspired by the world’s great cities and countries, their cultural and architectural wonders, geographical beauties, and historical significance. Grand Tour is programmed for the classical music listener who travels, or a listener planning a trip to an international destination. The program is also a perfect “arm-chair” travel experience.


Thursday 7pm

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The instruments themselves take center stage every Thursday at 7:00 PM on Instrumentality! Join Dylan Tyler as he looks into the past and celebrates the history of your favorite musical instruments as they have evolved through the ages. From the earliest Medieval music to the cutting-edge compositions of the 21st century, Instrumentality tells the fascinating tale of how today’s instruments came to be.

Ladies Who Lunch with Quinn Riley

Wednesday 12pm

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Ladies Who Lunch is a weekly program that spotlights and celebrates the accomplishments of women composers, musicians and conductors. Each week, there is a new theme for the program; or a tribute to a particular woman composer, musician, women’s ensemble or conductor.

This program addresses an area long-neglected in classical music – that of honoring the hundreds of women composers and great musicians who have worked without, or with very little, recognition of their talents and accomplishments.

Midday Mozart with Mike Pennington

Monday 12pm

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If you love his style and just can’t get enough Mozart, join Mike Pennington Mondays for a full hour of Wolfgang’s music, as well as compositions by other family members, and works that he inspired.

Morning Matinee with Mike Pennington

Weekdays 9am

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Join us every weekday morning at 9:00 A.M. for some short pieces of film music.

MVPs with Mike Pennington

Wednesday 7am

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Classical Music’s top talent.

Noises, Sounds and Sweet Airs

Sunday 6:30pm

Noises, Sounds and Sweet Airs, aired every Sunday at 6:30PM and hosted by Michael Campion, is an hour-long voyage of discovery into twentieth century music during which you will enjoy some of the finest music you’ll ever hear.

Pause For Poetry with Jana Lee Ross

Monday: 8am | Tuesday: 10am | Wednesday: 2pm | Thursday: 8am | Friday: 10am

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Join Jana Lee for a 3 minute long daily poetry show.

Robert’s Hour of Opera

Saturday 1PM

Join Robert for an hour of his favorite opera pieces.

Strike Up the Band with Jana Lee Ross

Friday 12pm

Wind band and wind/brass ensemble music of all eras and varieties, with weekly selections that focus on military musicians and ensembles. There will be a local emphasis whenever possible. This program will also feature music arranged for symphonic bands in the style of British colliery bands.

Sunday Baroque with Suzanne Bona

Sunday 9am

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Sunday Baroque is fresh and inviting, upbeat and inspiring, and features beloved and appealing music composed in the baroque era (1600-1750) and the years leading up to it.

Music of Faith and Inspiration

Sunday 8am

Join KCME on Sunday mornings for an hour of splendid sacred vocal music dating from ancient times to this decade. Music of Faith and Inspiration presents sacred music from every musical era and all faiths and traditions.

The Score with Edmund Stone

Saturday 9 am

The Score with Edmund Stone is a weekly celebration of music in film. With timely box office tie-ins, carefully crafted talk-sets, memorable musical elements and enticing weekly themes all woven together, coupled with expert production aesthetics, The Score is an unparalleled exploration of the musical experience that makes film such an indelible activity.

Working Women with Mike Pennington

Monday 7am

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This distaff side of classical music…the contributions of women composers, performers, and conductors.

The Unrush Hour

Tuesday 5pm

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After your hectic work day, an hour of calm and refreshing classical music to help you unwind. A relaxing classical mix for your drive home.

Working Women with Mike Pennington

Monday 7am

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This distaff side of classical music…the contributions of women composers, performers, and conductors.

Chicago Symphony

Tuesday 8pm

Metropolitan Opera

Saturday 11am

New York Philharmonic

Monday 8pm