Classics for Kids

Classics for Kids is on Sundays at 6PM

Classics for Kids Can Come Directly to You!!!

KCME’s educational outreach program brings on-site classical music education to youth throughout the Pikes Peak Region. This program is offered at no cost to  both brick and mortar schools and the community-at-large. The Classic for Kids series can be customized to captivate audiences from 3 years of age through high school.  Shows get participants engaged through interactive activities and live musical showcases including vocal and instrumental performance.

Themes include:

What is Classical Music? – Classical music’s great composers come to life in engaging and entertaining stories that place the music center stage, examining elements of the genre, and pleasure and mystery it brings to modern life.

Storytelling through Classical Music – How do you tell a story without words? Why, with music of course! Presentation explains how – and why – composers use music to tell tales and helps young listeners develop stories of their own.

Overture to Opera – This program demonstrates how Opera is literature come to life.  Principles discussed help students understand character development, setting, problems in stories … all by actually participating in the opera experience.

Origins of Musical Theater – From Opera and Operetta to the Modern Musical, Origins of Musical Theater explores works starting with the first lasting English language musical theater work, The Beggars Opera (1728) and its evolution to modern day production the wildly popular Hamilton.

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Did you know that Rossini wrote a piece of music while he was waiting for his dinner at an Italian restaurant? What about the symphony that has to have over 800 musicians to perform? Or the fact that Scarlatti wrote a piece based on the notes his cat stepped on when it walked across his keyboard?  Well, have we got a show for you! Every Sunday at 6:00 pm, Michael Campion will show you just how cool classical music is. With works by composers from all around the world written for everything from a huge orchestra to a saxophone quartet to a piano, we’ll discover together how awesome this stuff can be. Oh, and it’s OK for adults to listen, too. See you then!

In the meantime, you can visit the Classics for Kids website where you’ll find games, activities and fun facts.

If you’d like your children to know Mozart and Beethoven as well as they know Hannah Montana and High School Musical, a new ‘Classics for Kids’ program from KCME will try to help.” — Andrew Wineke, The Gazette

“Dear KCME: Be aware that, as an adult, I appreciate Classics for Kids as well. I am not very educated about many classical composers, despite enjoying their music for years. This program is a great resource for me, and I look forward to more!” Roger Piwowarski, KCME listener